Weekly Pool Service

Year round, weekly pool service adds longevity to your pool space, keeps it beautiful and safe for the family.

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weekly Residential pool service for In-Ground Pools

The Value of Year-Round Pool Maintnance

Keeping your pool opened and serviced year-round helps nurture the lifespan of your pool. It prevents equipment from breaking down, green pool water, and most notably - you get rid of the eye sore in your backyard space.

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01.  Weekly Service / Maintnance
02. Mechanical Repairs + Replacements
03. Mechanical Repairs and Replacements
04. Linear Repairs and Replacements
Benefits of Weekly Service

Here are just a few benefits of weekly pool service.

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Frequently Asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions from our customers.

Should I close my pool or leave it open year round?

We encourage customers to leave their pool open year-round for 3 reasons.

1. It is better for the health of your pool to stay circulating and chemically balanced at all times.
. This helps the longevity of your pool surface and equipment.
Your pool contributes to the landscape and beauty of your home, why cover it up when you can enjoy a relaxing view of a clean pool instead. Your pool can be scheduled to run much less in the colder months to save energy use and nothing will freeze when the pool is circulating.

Do you offer bi-weekly services?

Pool Rescue does not offer a bi-weekly service. It takes weekly attention to service your pool correctly. When your pool goes without being properly tested or cleaned it can cause chemical issues, and algae. We want you to be 100% happy with your pool service and we can only guarantee this with weekly service.

Do you service above-ground pools?

Pool Rescue only services and repairs in-ground pools.

Is Pool Service expensive?

This is dependent on the needs of the pool. No matter the cost - you will save money over time and add longevity to your equipment by keeping it frequently maintained.

When is the soonest someone can come out to my house for a consultation?

We have experts on standby ready to schedule a time with you. Just give us a call and we will be out there ASAP.

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What They Say About Us

"Not only is Pool Rescue affordable but they do an amazing job of keeping my pool clean, regulating the chemicals, and cleaning the main filter when needed. I highly recommend their service!"

Derek S.
Client Since 2022

"We started with a liner replacement and were so satisfied we continued to use them for weekly service maintenance. Our pool is a sparkling year round! Thank you to all at Pool Rescue!"

Leslie P.
Client Since 2015

"Pool Rescue's employees are friendly and respectful. They helped me out on many occasions! Oh, and my pool is well maintained with no effort on my part!"

Jason H.
Client Since 2019